Sacanagem: concorrente da CES 2009 abre as portas hoje



Entre os eventos folclóricos que pegam onda na CES está o AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 que, como o próprio nome sugere, é a maior feira ligada ao mercado de entretenimento adulto nos EUA como vídeos, publicações, revendas, brinquedos, DVDs além de conteúdo digital distribuído em dispositivos móveis e na internet – e que começa hoje (8/jan) praticamente ao lado do CES.

Apesar do aparente tom de brincadeira, o evento reúne cerca de 350 expositores, perto de 30 mil visitantes além da presença de diversas celebridades desse mercado patrocinadas por empresas como Hustler, Wicked Pictures, So Damn Hot Industries, Girlfriends Films etc.

Já pedimos para nosso correspondente André Faure ir dar uma olhada nessa pouca vergonha (e não esquecer da gente pegando mais de um brinde em cada stand).

Como toda convenção que se preze, ela também promove uma série de palestras e seminários. Conheça algumas delas com conteúdo mais tecnológico (deixamos em inglês porque o texto é mais divertido):

Retailing Today – Staying Competitive in a Changing Environment: Brick-and-mortar retailers need to be savvier and more sophisticated than ever. This session explores ways to stay competitive in an environment that is rapidly changing. AVN Magazine Editor-in-Chief  Dan Miller talks with Theresa Flynt of Hustler Stores, Gregg Ross with the Thriller Boutiques,  attorney Clyde DeWitt, Alicia Relles of Babeland and Kim Sedergran of IVD. Panelists will discuss the importance of a web presence for all retailers, how to evaluate and expand your store’s product mix and how to keep your customers and attract new ones.

Play Dates Aren’t Just for Kids: Adult Toys, Novelties and Home Parties Adult toys and novelties are key industry items that can never go digital. In addition, consumers – and especially women – are buying more of them every year. Expand your product line, add toys and novelties to your business and learn how to reach beyond your store or website through home parties in this compelling session with AVN Novelty Business Editor-in-Chief Tony Lovett, Patricia Davis of Passion Parties International, Suki Dunham of OhMiBod, Joel Tucker of The Stockroom and others.

Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 1: Marketing to Build Traffic and Gain CustomersAs the web continues to grow both in terms of offering content and where consumers go to shop for it,  online business is more competitive than ever. Marketing to get and retain consumers is diverse and  complicated. This session examines the most effective ways to market to consumers to bring them to  your site and explores affiliate programs that allow for sharing the wealth and expanding your audience.
Farley Cahen with Digital Playground, Albert Lazarito of CECash, Jax Smith of SugarDVD, Jackie Strano  with Babeland, and Lisa Weinberger of PearlyWrites talk with YNOT’s Jay Kopita in this not-to-be-missed session.

Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 2: Digital Building Blocks for a Successful Online BusinessThis session provides information on how to develop successful retail business models for adult product. Connor Young from YNOT talks with Reena Patel of Playboy/Club Jenna, Anh Tran of, Rachel Venning of Babeland and Kristin Wynters with Pink Visual/Yappo. They guide you to make sure your website provides what your customers are looking for. Learn the technical requirements for streaming,
V.O.D. and product sales – all while ensuring it’s user-friendly.

Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 3: It’s Mine and You Can’t Have It!Protecting Your Content Just as brick-and-mortar retailers take steps to stop theft, the web retailer and product supplier must guard their product like pit bulls. There are a variety of steps you can take to copyright your work, monitor tube sites and protect your property against piracy. Attorney Larry Walters leads this valuable discussion with Mike Herman of The Stockroom, John Petrocelli of Widevine Technologies, attorney Erik Syverson and Claus Tews with Media Protector.  Don’t let your business be a victim of digital theft.

A Look to the Future — What will the industry look like 10 years from now? There will always be strong demand for adult content.  But how will consumers get it? How will things change? Industry visionaries Greg Clayman of Video Secrets, Scott Coffman of AEBN,’s Richard Cohen, Michael Klein of Hustler and  Mike Price with Silver Sinema share their views with AVN Online’s Publisher Monty McMahon.

E por aí vai.

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